an is an interior design studio established by Wang Yanwei from China and Claudia de Sousa from Portugal. Thanks to the diverse cultural backgrounds of these two distinguished founders, an Interior Design with international perspectives offers clients premium designs with Chinese and Western design aesthetics, which meet the need of modern lifestyle but also contain the distinctive feature of Eastern and Western style.



Claudia de Sousa

Co-owner, Interior designer


Born in Portugal (1982) Ms. Cláudia has lived in China, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Actually she is based in Barcelona working for national and international projects in interior design and decoration field. She has a degree in Interior Design (ESAD - Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Porto) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Ecohábitat (Elisava - Escola Superior de Disseny, Barcelona).  It continues to be formed continuously by participating in workshops, conferences and workshops all over Europe (Boisbuchet 2012). Claudia has a great attention to detail and the general aesthetics of spaces, being dynamic, flexible, dedicated and always open to new projects and professional challenges.

Wang Yanwei

Co-owner, Interior designer


Wang Yanwei was born in Beijing. And she became interested in painting when she was young and started to learn watercolor. In 2006, she received a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University. Before establishing AN design studio with Claudia de Sousa, Ms. Wang worked for the FAMOUS interior decoration training organization in Beijing, and DARA interior design in Beijing. Ms. Wang has rich experience in interior design, and also has the original opinion for interior artwork.